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Vindicta Games is proud to announce its first video game: Sim Betting Football, the only football betting simulation game.


Sim Betting Football is an unique and innovative game which revisits and revamps classic football simulation games and aims at starting a new genre offering the player a totally new perspective.

At first glance the game will look like a classic football management game. There will be tens of leagues, hundreds of clubs and thousands of players, each and every one of them with their own attributes and stats. A whole virtual football universe will be entirely simulated on your device and there will be plenty of data to follow and analyse it.

However in Sim Betting Football you won’t be playing as a football manager running a club, but you will be betting virtual money on the simulated matches and other events in the game. There will be classic pre-match and in-play bets and different markets will be unlocked progressing the game.

More details about the game and the gameplay will be revealed in the following weeks on this blog.


The game will be initially released as free download for Android on the Google Play store and iOS on the Apple App Store.

Regarding the minimum system requirements Sim Betting Football will be available only for devices running Android 4 or better and iOS 7 or better.

Versions for other mobile platforms/stores like Windows Phone and the Amazon Appstore are planned and will follow the initial release as soon as possible, but they will be confirmed at a later date.

A desktop version is not planned at the moment, but it might be considered in the future if there will be enough interest.

Development and Dates

Sim Betting Football is a game developed for mobile from scratch using our own proprietary technology. It’s not a porting of a PC or web game (like most of the current football management games for Android or iOS) and it’s not created using a generic engine. That means it will offer the best possible experience on mobile devices in terms of performances, integration and user interaction.

The game is currently in alpha stage of development, which means it’s not fully playable yet, but we are hoping to achieve a good progress in the next month or so and to start a closed-beta program at the beginning of June 2015.

At the moment the initial public release for Android and iOS is planned for August 2015, but this will be confirmed at a later date.


Sim Betting Football is the first game developed by Vindicta Games, an independent game company based in London (UK).

The company has been founded in October 2014 by Davide Coppola, professional game developer former Curve Studios, Sports Interactive and King.

Get involved

If you want to follow the development of Sim Betting Football and get news and updates on the project don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and follow the game on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

If you want to get even more involved you can join the development community where you will follow the daily development and will be able to interact with the developers suggesting features and trying the game before it’s released during the closed-beta stage.

If you have any comment or question leave a comment below or contact us.

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  1. JeremySa Reply

    Sim Betting Football  show the hard work that goes into betting, and is a game that will take away a lot of your time, but leave some money in your wallet.

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