Juventus vs Real Madrid betting prediction tips

Juventus 2 vs 1 Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League

Tonight Juventus will be facing Real Madrid at the Juventus Stadium for the first semi-final of the UEFA Champions League 2015. These are my betting prediction tips for this match.

I know most of the people think Real Madrid are favourite tonight, but I believe Juventus is going to win or draw in the worst case, but it won’t be a 0 – 0.

There are several reasons why I believe that:

  • Juventus have home advantage and if they want to get to the final they have to win this match as winning away won’t be that easy.
  • Juventus have been undefeated in all their home matches in Champions League and Serie A this season.
  • Juventus have won 4/5 (80%) of all their home matches in Champions League this season and drawn only once (20%).
  • Juventus have won 15/17 (88%) of all their home matches in the league this season and drawn 2/17 (12%).
  • Juventus have always scored home in all their league games, and failed to score only once in Champions League (Juventus – Atletico Madrid).
  • Juventus have just won the league, morale is very high and they are extremely motivated and feeling less pressure than Real Madrid, still fighting for the title.

Real Madrid are a great team and probably they will get to the final, but they are not unbeatable away as shown by the 5/18 (28%) defeats conceded in La Liga this season.

Regarding the goals I believe that at least 2 will be scored, but not more than 3. If I had to pick for a correct score I’d go for 2 – 1 or 1 – 1.

My betting tips for Juventus – Real Madrid:

O 1.5 1.40
1X 1.43
1 2.71
1 – 1 5.96
2 – 1 10.00

All the odds are an average of the main bookmakers and are updated to the time of writing this post.


HT Juventus 1 – 1 Real Madrid

FT Juventus 2 – 1 Real Madrid


Those were my prediction on this match, but who do you think is going to win?

Feel free to leave a comment with your predictions.

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