Best football leagues to bet on in June

What are the best football leagues to bet on when the European Football Season is over?

This post contains a list of the best football leagues to bet on in June or after all the main European football has come to an end. If you are into football betting and most of your bets were on any of those league, it’s time to find new ones and this list can help you.

The football leagues in this list will ensure you several other weeks of betting (as long as you have enough money for it) and they have been selected because of their statistics which make them stand out from the many leagues currently going on.

Some active leagues have not been considered for this list has they started only few weeks ago and their stats may still be inconclusive, whereas others have not been included because they are low leagues and finding complete and updated stats is not easy. Finally, keep in mind that this list is only informative, the betting choices are always up to you.

Best football leagues to bet on in June

The following leagues are in no particular order, use them as a starting point for the search of the ones which better fits your betting style and strategies.

In the following tables “BTTS” stands for “Both Teams To Score” and “O x.5” stands for “Over x.5” (total goals scored by both teams).


Norway – division 2 group 3
played 48
to play 19 rounds
1/X/2 46% / 27% / 27%
AVG goals 3.75 (home 2.10away 1.65)
FT results O 1.5 88% – O 2.5 73%O 3.5 50%
BTTS 75%

The 3rd group of the 2nd division of Norwey is one of the football leagues with the highest number of goals per match and the highest probability to get a goal scored by both teams.

The other groups of the same Norwegian division show similar statistics, so I’d suggest to keep an eye on those too.


Denmark – division 2 West
played 208
to play 4 rounds
1/X/2 44% / 22% / 34%
AVG goals 3.46 (home 1.92 – away 1.54)
FT results O 1.5 88% – O 2.5 71% O 3.5 48%
BTTS 63%

The 2nd division West of Denmark has only 4 rounds left to play, which means the statistics are pretty solid at this stage and with 71% of matches ending over 2.5 goals you can be sure many goals are scored every match. Furthermore the probability of a draw is quite below the average.


Faroe Islands – Meistaradeilin
played 70
to play 14 rounds
1/X/2 46% / 27% / 27%
AVG goals 3.34 (home 1.83 – away 1.48)
FT results O 1.5 90%O 2.5 67% – O 3.5 47%
BTTS 69%

The main league of the Faroe Islands  has one of the highest percentages of matches over 1.5 goals and in which both teams score.


Sweden – division 1 Norra
played 55
to play 18 rounds
1/X/2 58% / 22% / 20%
AVG goals 2.89 (home 1.80 – away 1.09)
FT results O 1.5 80% – O 2.5 62% – O 3.5 33%
BTTS 51%

Division 1 Norra of Sweden is one of the leagues with the highest percentage of home victories and with a pretty low percentage of away victories.


played 86
to play 19 rounds
1/X/2 57% / 19% / 24%
AVG goals 2.58 (home 1.58 – away 1.00)
FT results O 1.5 71% – O 2.5 52% – O 3.5 29%
BTTS 49%

The top Uzbekistani league is one of the leagues with the highest percentage of home victories and with the lowest number of draws. Furthermore, the average number of away goals is pretty low.


played 45
to play 12 rounds
1/X/2 40% / 40% / 20%
AVG goals 2.58 (home 1.40 – away 1.18)
FT results O 1.5 69% – O 2.5 47% – O 3.5 36%
BTTS 62%

American NASL is one of the league with the highest percentage of draws and the lowest number of away wins. Despite that there’s still a decent probability that both teams might score in a match.


Sweden – division 2 Norra Svealand
played 63
to play 17 rounds
1/X/2 43% / 16% / 41%
AVG goals 2.95 (home 1.63 – away 1.32)
FT results O 1.5 78% – O 2.5 52% – O 3.5 33%
BTTS 52%

Division 2 Norra of Sweden is one of the leagues with the highest number of away victories and the lowest percentage of draws. A good candidate for 1/2 double chance bets.


Belarus – Vysshaya Liga
played 56
to play 18 rounds
1/X/2 48% / 30% / 21%
AVG goals 1.93 (home 1.25 – away 0.68)
FT results O 1.5 61% – O 2.5 29%O 3.5 16%
BTTS 30%

The top Belarusian league is one of the leagues with less goals scored, especially if considering away goals. Furthermore the probability to see both teams score is way below the average and the number of away wins is pretty low.


All the statistics in this page are provided by and will change in the following weeks as the leagues progress.

This list will be updated every month with new statistics, in the meanwhile feel free to recommend the ones you think are the best football leagues to bet on leaving a comment below.

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