The formation screen

Sim Betting Football has entered alpha stage

Second dev blog update showing the different screens of Sim Betting Football. This post is about the formation screen, which is the place where you can find the current formation of a team and check all the players involved.

IMPORTANT NOTE the following screenshots are from an alpha build, things might change in the future.

The formation screen

The formation screen gives you a quick overview of the players which are going to play next match, the substitutes and the ones left out. Furthermore it shows the current formation used by a team and how the players are placed on the field.

Sim Betting Footbal l - formation screen - 01

Each player’s entry shows several details, like the player’s number, position and nationality, but also his overall score (0-5 stars) and details about his status (condition and morale).

Players will also show some extra status indicators (ban, injury, etc…) next to their names. For example here it’s possible to notice that number 22 E. Ward is injured.

Tapping on any entry opens a card which shows more details about the player, like summary scores for different attribute groups (attack, defence, etc…), his current statistics and his proficiency in different positions.

Sim Betting Footbal l - formation screen - 02

Once a player is selected it’s also possible to navigate to his full profile screen, but this is something we are going to explore in one of the following posts.

More screenshots


We are probably going to publish another update with more screenshots at the end of this week, so don’t forget to follow Sim Betting Football on your favourite social networks and to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the upcoming posts. In the meanwhile feel free to give us any feedback leaving a comment below.

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