The match summary screen

Sim Betting Football has entered alpha stage

This is the fourth and last dev blog update showing different screens of Sim Betting Football during the alpha stage of development. This post is about the match summary screen which is the screen showing all the important data after a football match has been simulated in game.

IMPORTANT NOTE the following screenshots are from an alpha build, things might change in the future.

The match summary screen

The match summary screen gives a quick overview of what happened during a simulated match in the game.

The screen is divided in three sections. The two side panels show the two formations highlighting all the players who got involved with the match and their rating. You can also notice several icons next to their names which represent key events happened during the match (goals, cards, injuries, etc…). The central panel is made of two tabs and the first one (showed in the following screenshot) lists all the key events happened during the match.

Sim Betting Football - match summary screen - match minutes

The second screenshot is about the statistics panel of the match summary which shows all the main statistics from the match.

Sim Betting Football - match summary screen - match statistics

As it’s easy to imagine the panel is scrollable and there are more statistics available than the ones showed in this screenshot.

More screenshots


As already anticipated this is going to be the last post about the alpha version of the game. The good news is that the next post you are going to read on this blog will be about the closed beta, so don’t forget to follow Sim Betting Football on your favourite social networks and to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the upcoming posts. In the meanwhile feel free to give us any feedback leaving a comment below.

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