The player profile screen

Sim Betting Football has entered alpha stage

This is the third dev blog update showing different screens of Sim Betting Football. This post is about the player profile screen which is the screen showing data and statistics of a football player in game.

IMPORTANT NOTE the following screenshots are from an alpha build, things might change in the future.

The player profile screen

The initial view of the player profile shows an overview of the player including his personal and financial data (like age, nationality, value, etc..), his general status and several statistics from the current season. Furthermore from here it’s possible to check his proficiency in different positions and find more details about any problem the player might face (injury, ban, etc…).

Sim Betting Football - player profile

The second view of the player profile shows all the attributes of the player, grouped by categories (defence, attack, etc…). All values here are in the range 0-99 and different colours are used to highlight different levels.

Sim Betting Football - player profile attributes

The left part of this view is slightly different for goalkeepers as they have different attributes.

The final view shows more detailed statistics for the current season and the history of the player along the past ones.

Sim Betting Football - player profile stats

This screenshot has been taken after only 10 matches of the first season, but it will show more data as the game goes on.

More screenshots


This is probably going to be the last update for this month, but we’re going to announce the start of the closed-beta very soon, so don’t forget to follow Sim Betting Football on your favourite social networks and to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the upcoming posts. In the meanwhile feel free to give us any feedback leaving a comment below.

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