The team players screen

Sim Betting Football has entered alpha stage

As Sim Betting Football is approaching beta it’s time to start to show something of the game. In this first dev blog post we will show the team players screen, the place where you can find all the players of a team to check and compare all their attributes and stats.

IMPORTANT NOTE the following screenshots are from an alpha build, things might change in the future.

The style used for Sim Betting Football is flat and simple, based on colours of the material design palette. Reading and analysing data are very important aspects of the game and using this style allows to show more information as possible in a very clear way, even on mobile devices (small screens).

The team players screen

When entering the team players screen for any team in the game this is what you get:

Sim Betting Football - team players screen - overall view

The OVERALL view gives you an overview of the players. It shows basic info like name, number, age and position, but also summary scores for attribute groups like attack, defence, etc… and an overall value (0-5 stars) which summarize the current ability of the player.

Browsing the other tabs allows to analyse player attributes in detail, as showed in the next screenshot:

Sim Betting Football - team players screen - mental/physical view

For example the MENT/PHYS tab shows mental and physical attributes of the players.

In this screenshots it’s also possible to notice a tooltip (“RESISTANCE” in the yellow rectangle) which appears when holding a button, something very useful to understand what all those abbreviations mean.

The last screenshot features the STATISTICS tab which shows statistics of all the players for the current season.

Sim Betting Football - team players screen - stats view

As expected, it is possible to sort the views by any field. For example here the players are sorted by average rating in descending order. Obviously order can be descending or ascending for every field.

It is also possible to notice status indicators (ban, injury, etc…) next to players’ name. For example in the last screenshot you can notice that number 15 George Wilson is injured.

From the team players screen it’s possible to get to player profiles when tapping on the names, but this is something which will be showed in one of the next dev blog posts.

More screenshots


More screenshots and details about the game will be published in few days, so don’t forget to follow Sim Betting Football on your favourite social networks and to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the upcoming posts. In the meanwhile we’d love to read any feedback you might have about this post, so don’t be shy and leave a comment!

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