Project status update – version 0.6.0

Sim Betting Football has entered alpha stage

Sim Betting Football hit development version 0.6.0 last week, which means this is a good time to write a project status update and tell you more about the game.

This is the first project update after the game entered alpha stage 4 months ago.

Project status

In the last few months the development has been focused on implementing most of the core features and improving the interface of the game.

In the latest version it is possible to play multiple seasons betting over 5 countries made of 3 leagues each. At the time of writing there are 10 different betting markets (results, goals, corners and cards), but more will be added soon. The news system has been implemented and the last version has also introduced the possibility of loading and saving the game.

Sim Betting Football - loading screen

When starting a new game the size of an save file is 945K and it goes up to 3.6M at the end of the first season. That might seem a big number, but it’s not so big when considering it contains the data of 300 clubs, 5,700 fixtures and almost 7,000 football players. Furthermore the size goes down to 1.1M at the beginning of the second season, so the game will never use too much of your precious device’s memory for long.

The current performances for loading and saving operations are pretty good as you can see from the numbers in the following table:

Device Loading Saving
Motorola Moto E 525 ms 470 ms
Motorola Moto G 4G 515 ms 480 ms
Nexus 7 (2013) 525 ms 425 ms

Save files are not compressed to offer better performances, but an option might be added in the future for users preferring less memory usage over performance.

Sim Betting Football - home screen and game menu

If you already are an approved tester check out the latest Android version and let us know what you think posting in the development community.

What’s next

The next main task will be the creation of an interactive tutorial to guide new players when starting the game for the first time.

After that the game will be close to enter the beta stage and more people will be invited to test it. If interested in testing Sim Betting Football on Android you can already register filling this online form.


We can’t announce any specific date yet, but we are getting closer to a release date, so don’t forget to follow Sim Betting Football on your favourite social networks and to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the upcoming posts. In the meanwhile feel free to give us any feedback leaving a comment below.

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