Interactive tutorial implemented

Sim Betting Football - tutorial showing formation screen

The latest development version of Sim Betting Football (0.7.0) released to the Android testers last week introduces an interactive tutorial which explains new players how to play the game.

Back in the days of retro-games there were no tutorials in game. All gamers could hope for was a manual coming with the game box or finding help in specialized magazines.

These days things are totally different and a well designed, attractive and effective tutorial is a key aspect to attract and retain players, especially on mobile platforms.

The interactive tutorial

The tutorial in Sim Betting Football guides the player through the game in a predetermined, but interactive way. Which means the steps of the tutorial are fixed, but now and then the gamer is asked to interact with the game and the tutorial to proceed.

Some screens are partially interactive and require the gamer to push a button or complete an action to proceed. For example the following one asks the user to set the stake of a bet.

Sim Betting Football - tutorial betting dialog


The area where the gamer is supposed to interact with is always highlighted and easily recognisable. For example in this case the button 5.

Other screens are purely informative and the gamer can progress pushing on the CONTINUE button at the end of the explanatory panel. For example the following one explains what happens when selecting a player in the formation.

Sim Betting Football - tutorial showing formation screen

At the moment the full tutorial experience takes about 6 minutes, but more screens and explanations will be added in the future and probably few things will be tweaked, so this might change in the future. Whereas style and core concepts will most likely remain unchanged for the first public release of the game.

Try Sim Betting Football

If you have an Android device and want to try the game, now it’s the best time to join the closed testing! Simply fill this online form and we will invite you soon.


We can’t announce any specific date yet, but we are getting closer to a release date, so don’t forget to follow Sim Betting Football on Facebook, Google+, Instagram or Twitter and to subscribe to the newsletter to not miss all the upcoming posts. In the meanwhile feel free to give us any feedback leaving a comment below.

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