Version 0.8.2 introduces Google Play Game Services

Google Play Game Services

The latest development version of Sim Betting Football (0.8.2) introduces full integration with Google Play Game Services for the Android version of the game.

The Google Play Game Services currently supported are achievements and leaderboards.


The current version offers 26 different achievements. They cover different aspects of the game like placing a certain number of bets, reaching a particular experience level or winning a specific amount of coins.

Sim Betting Football - Achievements

More achievements will be added with future updates of the game.


At the time of writing there are 4 different leaderboards which allow players to compete on different aspects of the game like:

  • Experience level
  • Number of bets places
  • Profit
  • Betting accuracy

Sim Betting Football - Leaderboards

There’s no plan to add further leaderboards in the future, but this is not confirmed yet as the game is still in beta.

Try Sim Betting Football

If you have an Android device and want to try the game, now it’s the best time to join the closed testing! Simply fill this online form and we will invite you as soon as possible.


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