Improving the game tutorial

Improving the game tutorial in Sim Betting Football

The latest development version of Sim Betting Football (0.9.30) introduces a new interactive tutorial which should address all the issues of the original one. In this post I am going to describe what the issues were and how they have been addressed in the new tutorial.

The first version of the game tutorial

The first version of the game tutorial was introduced in Sim Betting Football 0.7.0 and you can read more about it in this dev blog post.

The core concept was quite simple: guiding users through all the important screens of the game and teaching them how do basic things like betting on a match. The sequence was linear and the user had no choice on what to do during the tutorial.

The whole experience was made of 68 different overlays/steps which the user had to go through to complete the tutorial. That was taking about 7-8 minutes to complete, which is quite a long time, especially for a mobile game!

Unfortunately that was not the only problem.

After observing few people playing the tutorial I realised sometimes it wasn’t clear what to do when some interaction was required. That was a bit unexpected because the explanatory text was always clear about what to do, but after playing the tutorial for several minutes people were starting to not read and tap on everything that wasn’t text.

Improving the game tutorial

I knew the style of the tutorial was not the problem (there are not many ways to explain a game like Sim Betting Football), so I decided not to change that.

I also knew that for the new tutorial I needed to address all those issues and to do that I set myself the following goals:

  • Reducing the number of overlays/steps
  • Making the tutorial quicker to complete
  • Increasing user interaction
  • Making what to do clearer when some interaction is required

The new version of the game tutorial

The biggest change in the new tutorial is a new flow.

Now the game tutorial is divided in a core part which takes about 3 minutes to complete and it’s made of 34 overlays/steps and 4 sub-tutorials which take anything between 10 and 30 seconds and add 15 more overlays/steps on top of that.

Improving the game tutorial - end of core part

In total the new tutorial is made of 49 overlays/steps and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Than includes 3 new overlays/steps to explain how to use the game store which was not implemented at the time I created the first version of the tutorial.

The most important thing is that only the core part of the tutorial is linear, whereas the 4 sub-tutorials can be experienced by the user in any order and at any time.

Another positive thing is that the interaction rate has grown from 41.2% to 47.1% if comparing the old tutorial with the new core part, which means more involvement for the user.

To address the last problem, making what to do clearer, now the game tutorial shows a small sign whit a blinking arrow every time some interaction is required.

Improving the game tutorial - interaction sign

The sign is not shown immediately to not distract people who are trying to read the explanatory text. Furthermore, something which appears out of nowhere is easier to notice than something which is part of the screen when everything is shown at the same time.

Further improvements

Improving the game tutorial should be an ongoing task and I am sure this won’t be the last iteration of it.

Something I want to introduce in the future is different colours to highlight part of the text and draw attention on some specific key concepts.

Introducing an even more free navigation would be nice too, but at the moment I can’t imagine any easy way to do that with the core part of the tutorial.

I am sure that getting more data and feedback from new users will help improving things even further, but for now I am happy with this new version and I hope people will enjoy it when playing Sim Betting Football for the first time.

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