Top 10 moments of Claudio Ranieri as football manager of Leicester City

Top 10 moments of Claudio Ranieri as football manager of Leicester City

This post is a video gallery that celebrates the top 10 moments of Claudio Ranieri as football manager of Leicester City. The man who made history winning the English Premier League in the 2015/2016 season. In this gallery we wanted to show how he can be funny, ironic, caring, but also a true gentleman and a true professional.

Top 10 moments of Claudio Ranieri

Probably every single football fan knows about the amazing story of Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City. People from all over the world will keep talking about them for decades from now. After all, he managed to win the English Premier League when his season goal was avoiding relegation. That is not something any other football manager has ever done before!

10. Claudio Ranieri motivating fans and players

Claudio Ranieri has never been just a simple football manager shouting instructions to his players. He’s always been a great motivator for both his players and fans, as you can see in this video recorded during Leicester City – Newcastle, won by his team 1 – 0.

9. Ranieri motivating other football managers

Claudio Ranieri always had good words for other football managers too (probably everyone, but José Mourinho).

After Leicester City’s 1 – 1 draw away at Manchester United, he offered some words of support to Louis van Gaal who was not going through happy times.

8. First interview after winning the Premier League title

Apparently Claudio Ranieri didn’t watch the crucial match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur because he was busy having dinner with his old mother back in Italy.

This was his first interview after knowing about the result and as usual you can notice how humble and genuine he is.

7. Shinji Okazaki finally understands me!

Apparently communication between Claudio Ranieri and his Japanese forward Shinji Okazaki has not been easy for most of the season. It seems things got better in the final weeks, as Ranieri said, hopefully…

6. Ranieri introducing Andrea Bocelli

Claudio Ranieri managed to get tenor and friend Andrea Bocelli to sing at the King Power Stadium before last home match of Leicester City, played and won 3 – 1 against Everton on the 7th of May 2016. Bocelli promised his friend Ranieri he would have done it if they won the league. As we all know Leicester City won and he delivered in front of thousands of thrilled fans.

5. Ranieri promised players pizza for a clean sheet

Leicester City had a very good start of season, but for the first 2 months they always conceded at least one goal every match.

Claudio Ranieri tried to fix that promising his players a pizza for a clean sheet. His trick worked for the first time when Leicester played Crystal Palace in October 2015, winning the match 1 – 0.

After that first clean sheet Leicester City collected 14 more, ending the season with 15 and many more pizzas eaten.

4. Sir Claudio

At the end of the season Claudio Ranieri gained support from some members of parliament to receive an honorary knighthood in recognition of his achievements with Leicester City. His reaction to the news was pretty hilarious and another classic Ranieri moment.

3. The true meaning of “dilly ding dilly dong”

Pretty much everyone has watched the famous interview when “dilly ding dilly dong” became popular (if not, you will soon). Nevertheless not many (including Ranieri) know the true meaning and the origin of those words.

The true meaning is explained by Claudio Ranieri himself in this press conference. Apparently “dilly ding dilly dong” is what he says to his player when they are not performing particularly well or, in his words, when they are “sleeping”. Those 4 words represent the sound of a “magic” bell which should wake players (and journalists) up.

2. Hey man! Dilly Ding Dilly Dong!

This is the moment when “dilly ding dilly dong” became famous.

Probably the most popular and entertaining interview of Claudio Ranieri which gained him parodies and music videos on Youtube and other websites.

1. Claudio Ranieri lifting the Premier League trophy

Probably not his funniest or most iconic moment, but definitely the happiest one in his professional career as football manager.

In this video a shy and almost incredulous Claudio Ranieri lifts the Premier League trophy with Leicester City’s captain Wes Morgan.

Well done Sir Claudio, you have totally deserved that joy!


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