UEFA EURO 2016 predictions: Portugal – France final

UEFA EURO 2016 predictions final

In this post you can find UEFA EURO 2016 predictions for the final match: Portugal – France which will be played on the 10th of July 2016 and will decide the winner of the championship.

The predictions are based on the an adaptation of the algorithm used for computing odds in Sim Betting Football, the only football betting simulation game.

The algorithm takes into consideration the results in the tournament so far and the performance of the football players who played for each team. The algorithm is designed for predicting matches in leagues and this is the first time it’s used for a tournament, but hopefully it will give you some good tips on the UEFA EURO 2016 final match.

Portugal – France

In my opinion Portugal will need a miracle to win the UEFA EURO 2016 final (within the 90 minutes) and numbers seem to confirm that.

The game algorithm predicted the following probabilities for the 3 possible full time results:

Portugal draw France
19% 31% 50%

Basically there’s a good chance France will win, even if a draw can’t be excluded.

The most likely scores are:

Scores Probability
0 – 1 19%
0 – 0 16%
1 – 1 12%
0 – 2 12%

As you might have imagined from the scores, the total number of goals should be pretty low. These are the probabilities for over/under goals:

Over 2.5 Under 2.5
28% 72%

The probability of a total score below 3 goals dropped a little compared to the 2 semi-finals, but it’s still pretty high.


Who do you think are going to win and make it to the UEFA EURO 2016 final?

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