Tips For Protecting Casino-Goers

One of the primary duties of a surveillance operator as well as all casino and hotel personnel is to protect its patrons from thieves and scam artists. The gaming equipment and tables are worth nothing if there is nobody there to use them. Consequently, the gaming establishment’s biggest assets are its customers. Any negative feedback from one guess can turn into hundreds simply by word of mouth.

The Easiest Targets

Unfortunately, humans everywhere are careless, especially when distracted in crowded places. Women leave pursues sitting unattended and men drop their wallets into easily accessible pockets. Tourists are especially careless when surrounded by lights, sounds, and numerous distractions while wandering around the casino floor. These are the people that need the most protection.

Ironically the easiest targets for thieves and scammers are foreign nationals. They are aware that if they get caught stealing, pick-pocketing, or scamming them, the foreign national is unlikely to return to the United States to testify in a trial.

What To Look For

Casino surveillance personnel are trained to spot individuals in crowded places that aren’t there for entertainment purposes. They walk differently, are looking at different things, and are much more alert. They tend to be more focused on individuals than their environment. If there’s any suspicion, it’s not illegal for personnel to track the potential perpetrator.

Common Target Areas

Although a crime can be committed anywhere, the most common areas in a casino are at hotel check-in areas, valet areas, and bellhop desks. They target these areas because of visitors arriving that are tired from traveling and guests leaving in a hurry, many of whom are hungover. This is a common area under surveillance by the employees, especially during busy periods.

Don’t Rule Out The Staff

Unfortunately, the hotel and cleaning staff can commit the crime. Although this isn’t a common issue, it does occur. Maids, bellmen, and others that go into the guest rooms can easily steal items. The casino cleaning staff can be suspects when coin buckets or purse thefts occur. They are usually working unskilled jobs for low wages and are tempted by a bucket of money.

The bottom line is that the surveillance operators are well-trained in dealing with theft and scam artists. However, to ensure you aren’t the next victim at a casino, mall, or any crowded area, simply stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.